A mother fights with a terrible gokhoro for the children at the risk of her life, a tumultuous viral video

viral video: Mother is the most sacred word in the world. He is a symbol of affection and kindness for the child and he does not think twice to risk his life in the danger of the child. One such video has recently gone viral in the net world.

In the viral video, it is seen that a cow has attacked a chicken coop. A hen was also seen in that house with several chicks. Naturally, Gokhro's target was the chicks. But between Gokhro and that goal, the mother chicken became the wall of China.

Gokhro started attacking one by one with his beak. Gokhro and Palta took the path of fighting. He also attacked the chicken Yet the chicken does not run away in fear. He saves Chobal and keeps Gokhro busy by attacking him. And at that opportunity his children came out. This brave girl to go to the end in unequal fight

Although the viral video is quite old, it has gone viral on social media once again. More than 7 million netizens have already watched this video. Netizens are also making various comments after watching this video. One said the mother hen eventually saved all the chicks. Another commented, tears came to his eyes.