A man used to tease her on the phone for a long time, but she got upset and beat her mother and daughter

Bangla Hunt Desk: A person was harassing me for a long time. Repeatedly explaining did not help. A mother and daughter living in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, finally took a fatal step. He called her home, tied her to a tree and beat her.

Dhanalakshmi, 32, of Periyar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and her 50-year-old mother. Dhanalakshmi, who lost her husband a few days ago and became a widow, and their mother were widows, so they lived together. It is learned that for some time, a person used to harass Dhanalakshmi on the phone.

According to the police sources of Karamadi police station, a few days ago, Dhanalakshmi got a call from an unknown number. Even after Dhanalakshmi banned the man, the 48-year-old used to call him. He used to call and give various obscene gestures and messages.

Dhanalakshmi forbade it many times but to no avail. At the end he records all the calls and listens to his mother. The two then called him to their home to find out the details of the man. There was a heated argument between the two sides. As the situation became heated, the mother and daughter tied the man to a tree and started beating him with branches. After that the man got serious injuries on both legs, face and head, seeing the situation strange and threw him on the railway line.

After going some distance along the railway line, the man got up and tried to go on the road, but fell there and died. The body was sent to Coimbatore Medical College for autopsy. Police have arrested the mother and daughter. The case is ongoing.

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