A fierce fight is going on in the police crowd, the old man is playing the piano in the middle of it! The video is viral

viral video: Remember that scene from the famous Hollywood movie Titanic? Where a group of artists play the violin in peace on a sinking ship. One such video went viral from Spain. An old man is playing the piano in the middle of the fire while the police crowd is fighting around.

The second wave of corona outbreaks has hit European countries. European countries, including Spain, have been forced to walk the path of re-lockdown in this situation. But the masses are reluctant to accept the lockdown. They are protesting in the streets. As soon as the police came to stop the protest, a fight broke out.

The viral video shows such a skirmish. Just behind the old man playing the piano, a fire was seen burning in the street. Probably the protesters set fire to something. Several police vehicles were also seen on the road. One of them ran towards the old man and threw stones or bricks at him. Even in such a turbulent environment, the old man can be seen playing the piano.

The video went viral as soon as it was posted on social media. The video has already been viewed by over 2 million netizens. They are making various comments. Many have found the Titanic scene similar to the old man's behavior.