A day of pride for Bengalis! Bengali language took place on the official website of Australia

Even though it is completely Bengali inhabited, the shopping mall from the bank of Calcutta city is not used in many places. There is anger among some Bengalis about this. Moreover, many are angry that the classical language is not recognized in India. However, the big victory in the Bengali language. Official Bengali language website launched in faraway Australia.

About 55,000 Indian Bengalis live permanently in the Australian state of Victoria. There are also Bengalis in Bangladesh. All in all, a large part of this province is Bengali. Many older Bengalis have language problems. And to solve that problem, Arnab Ghosh, the son of a middle class family in Calcutta, jumped in. Realizing his demand, Arnab says, “This time the fight is for the inclusion of Bengali as a second language in Victoria.”

What is on this website? Detailed information on how to stay safe and healthy, what government assistance can be obtained in the Corona situation, tests and shelter, and how to stay safe can be found on the Bengali website of the Australian Department of Health in Victoria.

The origin of the Bengali language dates back to about 650 AD. Then more than 7 thousand years have passed Rabindranath Tagore won the first Nobel Prize in India. At the moment there are 7 Bengalis in every corner of the world Apart from Bangladesh, Bengali has been recognized as the official language of Sierra Leone, a distant African country. This time the recognition added another feather to the crown of the Bengali language. Undoubtedly, this is a proud day for Bengalis

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