A biker who flew like a superman to save the life of a baby, viral video on social media

Bangla Hunt Desk: Viral on the Internet In a viral video, a biker spontaneously saves a child's life. This video is going viral on social media. The video shows a biker getting off his moving bike at lightning speed and saving a child's life. After the video went viral, many people are calling the biker Superman.

The 25-second short video clip shows a man riding his bike across the street. Just then he saw a child in front of him, along with a children's car, speeding from one end of the road to the other. The baby's mother is also seen in the video. However, the mother of the child stood helpless in such a situation.

The bike rider then somehow parked his bike and quickly ran behind the child's car and was able to stop the car. The biker's activities saved the child's life. And the baby's mother left Huff alive. It was not immediately clear where the video came from, but it is safe to say that the biker captured the attention of millions of people.

The video was uploaded to social media on September 19. The video has been going viral ever since. Everyone who watched the video praised the biker and called him a superhuman. The mother of the biker suddenly stopped the bike without caring for her own life and ran to save the child. There are many people who risk their lives to save lives. We salute those superhumans.

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