A beautiful song sung by a 15-year-old girl in Dubai on Prime Minister Modi's birthday

Bangla Hunt Desk: A 15-year-old Indian teenager from the United Arab Emirates sings a song in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 70th birthday, and a video of the song has gone viral on social media. The teenager's song is also praised all around. According to the Khaleej Times, Sucheta Satish, a 10th class student of Indian High School and a student of classical music, sang “Namo Namo Bishwaguru Bharat” and the song was recently launched on a digital platform.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's political career has been highlighted in the video of the song. The Made in India campaign has also been highlighted. In this video, the viewers are taken on a tour of India including mountains, rivers, deserts and various Indian cultural sites. Let it be known that Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed 70 years of his life on September 16.

According to media reports, a Malayalam lyricist and singer Ajay Gopal wrote the song, and Sucheta's mother Sumita composed the melody and translated the song into Hindi. Sucheta sang the song and the video of her song went viral and her praise started all around.

Sucheta said, ‘We came up with such a plan a year ago. After the song was written in Malayalam and recorded, it didn't take long. ” I would like to inform you that there is a world record of awareness songs in 29 languages ​​with Kovid-19 in the name of Sucheta.

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