60 feet tall robot! Netdunia is fighting over the discovery of Japan

Viral video: Thousands of videos go viral every day. Several of his videos are of modern technology. And that list must have robots.

Netdunia 7 is currently fighting over a robot from Japan The image of this robot, which is 60 feet high and weighs 25 tons, has gone viral.

This robot is made in Yakohama's Gundam factory. There is a fictional character 'Gundam' in the Japanese animated series of the same name. This is a replica of it.

Gundam is a very popular animated series that aired in the ’70s. It is believed to be the inspiration behind the popular Transformers series.

Netizens are surprised to see this huge robot moving around in the viral video. As if the world of imagination has come down to the ground of reality.

This video has already been watched by about 3 million netizens. The video shows the robot kneeling, standing up and even pointing to the sky.

Netizens' childhood nostalgia has hit the comment box of the tumultuous viral video. Many want to go back to childhood.

A Twitter user named Jay commented, “This three-story house-like robot is one of the best things of 2020.”

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