4 crore 39 lakh ration cards canceled! Find out what to do if your name is on this list

The government announced the cancellation of a total of 4 crore 39 lakh ration cards. Most of these ration cards have been canceled for fake ration holders. However, if you or your family are eligible for rations and your name is on this list, the government will give you a new ration card. Let's not know what to do.

Food Department NFASA has canceled a total of Rs 4.39 crore by 2020 for digitizing the database of ration recipients in the country from 2013 to 2020, linking them to Aadhaar and identifying fake ration cards.

If you or any of your family members are on this list, go to the nearest CSC center with photo and Aadhaar card. Your new ration card will be applicable only if you apply there properly. This method also allows you to add the names of new family members.

Let me inform you that the Modi government has introduced one country one ration card scheme so that you can collect rations all over the country. You do not need to create a new ration card for this. This method is a lot like porting a mobile number. Just as porting a mobile number does not change your mobile number, you do not have to create a new ration card if you go to another state or other area of ​​the same state to work in this method. You can withdraw rations on your old card.