36 out of 39 countries are against Pakistan! Once again, Imran's country is on the FATF's gray list

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has once again dealt a major blow to Imran Khan's country by dropping Pakistan to the gray list. Out of 39 countries, 36 countries have given their thumbs up to Pakistan. Only Turkey has advocated for Pakistan to be removed from the gray list.

The real reason for the friendship between Pakistan and Turkey is the Islamic judiciary. Turkey, along with Pakistan, wants to replace Saudi Arabia in the Islamic world. Under the leadership of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, efforts are being made to revive the tradition of the Turkish Empire.

According to a Middle East expert, Turkey is trying to create problems in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan. Turkey has joined hands with Pakistan to organize Islamic insurgents in an attempt to create violence, instability and unrest in various parts of the world.

The FATF put Pakistan on the gray list in June 2017. He also directed Islamabad to implement a 26-point plan of action by 2019 to prevent it from providing financial support to terrorist organizations. FATF extended the deadline due to the Corona epidemic even after Pakistan failed to do so.

India unmasked Pakistan in front of the whole world and said that Imran's country had worked on only 21 out of 28 points. And there is still shelter and financial support for terrorists. India has alleged that Pakistan has failed against militants like Dawood Ibrahim, the head of the United Nations-backed Jaish.