30 Pakistanis arrested for molesting Greek girl

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions are running high between Pakistani immigrants and Greek authorities these days. About 30 Pakistanis were arrested on the island of Crete for their aggressive behavior. Despite being expatriates, all these Pakistanis have expressed their aggressive attitude.

Complaints against Pakistanis

According to sources, in the last week of August 2020, a Pakistani girl was accused of molesting a Greek girl. In protest, about 200-300 Greek youths attacked a mosque in Timpaki, on the island of Crete.

It is also known that in the last week of August 2020, about 25-30 illegal Pakistanis were detained by the Greeks due to their aggressive attitude. They were later released following the intervention of the Pakistani embassy in Athens. Javed Aslam Arian, president of the Pakistani community, called the incident racist and fascist.

Pakistanis are being sent back

Incidentally, the deportation of illegal Pakistani immigrants from Greece began in July. In the last week of July, 30 Pakistanis who entered Greece illegally were deported, according to a plan by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum.

“Greece adheres to a strict and fair immigration policy,” said Imtras and Asylum Minister Notice Mitarakis. Since the beginning of March, we have started implementing a new rule. Arrangements are being made to repatriate those who have entered Greece illegally. The repatriation of Pakistani nationals has already begun in collaboration with the Greek police and the Pakistani embassy in Athens.


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