120 Indian soldiers led by Major Shaitan Singh knocked out 1300 Chinese soldiers, know the whole history

Bangla Hunt Desk: In the border areas, the Chinese army (Chinese army) has been creating a situation of frequent clashes with the Indian army in recent times. They want to commemorate 1972 by carrying out attacks in the border areas of India. But instead of commemorating 1972, the Chinese army is retreating, remembering the power of India at that time.

Indo-China War of 1962

The contribution of Major Shaitan Singh of the 13th Kumaon Regiment in the Chusul sector of Ladakh in the 1962 war was memorable. At that time, with only 120 troops, Shaitan Singh faced about 120,000 Chinese troops. He did not think twice about giving his life to save Ladakh from Chinese aggression. But in that war, if we had modern and advanced weapons like today, the war situation would have taken another turn. According to sources, Shaitan Singh was the commander of the Charlie Company and was in the Chusul sector at an altitude of 14,000 feet.

There were not enough weapons

On the night of November 16, 1972, in the midst of a snowstorm, the Chinese army launched a surprise attack on Rezangala in Ladakh. Despite not having enough ammunition at that time, Indian brave soldiers led by Major Shaitan Singh continued to clash with the Chinese army. Eventually they started fighting with the Chinese army.

The Indian army fought by pulling grenades

General Mohan Chandra Bhandari said that when the Indian troops ran out of ammunition, they pulled grenades and hit the Chinese hard. However, in this battle, 114 heroic warriors of the Charlie Company, including Major Shaitan Singh, died like martyrs, but were able to defeat more than 1300 Chinese troops. Due to heavy snowfall on the battlefield, it was not possible to retrieve the bodies of all the soldiers at that time. Two months after the incident, the bodies of soldiers carrying guns and grenades were recovered from under the snow.

The soldiers have been honored

General Mohan Chandra Bhandari further said that a large memorial has been set up in Chusul sector in memory of all the heroic martyrs of 13 Kumaon. Rezangla Maidan was built in his memory as the 13th Kumaon Regiment was also stationed at Ranikhet. At the same time, Major Shaitan Singh was posthumously honored with the Param Vir Chakra.

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